Our Story

The first beer to see the sun.

Head East

Inspired by Gisborne’s notoriously long summers and legendary surf breaks,

Sunshine is a boutique brewery from the East Coast that celebrates the
important things in life:

sun, surf, mates and good beer.

Since 1989, we’ve been brewing top quality beers for top quality people.

Our manifesto

Rising from the east
The coast where the sun shines
Where skin peels and hair is salty
Blown by nor‘west winds
We are weather worn but still smiling
Still wild, still free
No filter, no posers, no bull
We’re out there doing it
Because around here
We follow the sun
Sunshine is a beer for people like us
A beer for whatever you do
Wherever you are

Our attitude

Wild and Free.
In the Sun. Living it.
Get out there.