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Taproom Employment

If you don’t know who Sunshine Brewery is, you may not be the person we need however you can try and convince us that great craft beer drives your life.

As much as Sunshine Brewery is an iconic Gisborne business our Taproom operation is the venue of choice for Gisborne locals and tourists alike.

In true Gisborne style, we close at 8pm most nights so that we can get up early with the sun and have a surf or swim.

Our focus is on the 21 beers we pour, all made here under the passionate eye of Dave Huff our head brewer, but our pizza’s and friendly crew also attract people in.

The taproom is the heart of our public offering and we are searching for a person with hospitality management experience (or who feels that they are management material) to come and manage it. You will take control and responsibility for the taproom operation and the brewery hospitality function and be charged with growing and maintaining its iconic and fantastic venue/experience.

You will hold or have recently held a liquor managers licence. You will be able to demonstrate your people management skills and convince us that you will bring a dynamic and personable approach to achieving excellence in service.

Of course, you will need to head east and live in our great little city and live the life we all enjoy in sunny Gisborne.

Apply to [email protected]